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Make barbecued meat a delight

A juicy steak from the barbecue is part and parcel of a mild summer evening with friends or family. But everyone without a chef's training or expensive professional equipment, sometimes has difficulties in finding the optimum cooking point. Our chef Marco Hollbauer knows what to do. His tasty beer marinade ensures the meat stays tender and well-cooked even if it stays one minute too long on the barbecue grill.

Pork neck steaks are the most suitable for this as they have the necessary fat content. Cuts of leg or back dry out quickly when grilling on a barbecue. If you want to marinate your steaks you need two tablespoons of medium to sharp mustard, a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of pepper and one small finely chopped white onion. First of all the ingredients must be mixed together. Then the meat pieces are evenly coated with the spicy paste. Then add it all to a sufficiently large bowl and pour over the beer until the steaks are totally covered. You can use any sort of beer such as Pils, wheat beer or alcohol-free beer, but dark beers are not suitable as they would colour the meet during the barbecuing. Then place the marinated meat overnight in the fridge and then nothing stands in the way of your barbecue fun the next day.

Enjoy your meal!

Have fun trying out this recipe.
Marco Hollbauer
Chef at Hotel Herzogspark

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