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Our respect for the environment – sustainability policies at the Hotel HerzogsPark

We employ an active sustainability and environmental management system to the benefit of our staff and guests. The well-being of our staff and guests, the highest work-safety standards, and the top quality of our food and drink are our highest priorities.

We follow the following ecological standards:

We create environmentally friendly working processes using energy efficient facilities and equipment, including creating our own electricity and using recycled products.

We take seriously the hotel’s mission to use intelligent technologies in a resource-saving manner.

We value regional suppliers and ecologically certified products, with the goal of presenting our guests with the highest quality possible culinary experience.

Our goal is to continually improve the hotel experience, and to reflect on our values and conduct in rotating ‚Green Table’ meetings with our management.  To this end, we run regular training programs for our staff, so that they are always up to date. 

As an employer, we guarantee fair working hours, uphold all applicable standards, value an open attitude towards our staff, and strive to understand and implement constructive criticism.

We stand for honesty, loyalty, social competence, fair pay, and cultivate respectful and values-centered relationships.

We treat each other with mutual respect and we expect each other to stick to high standards of responsibility. 

We are proud of our long-term employees, who have so consistently upheld our high standards and assured the satisfaction of our guests.

To this end, our sustainable company management places value on communicating our sustainability philosophy to staff and guests; keeping up regular exchanges between staff and management during Green Table meetings, and once a year getting together to create and apply an innovative environmental plan.

We are grateful to remain an integral part of our environment, and to be able to prove our commitment to sustainability in our daily business practices.

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