Hotel HerzogsPark

Vintage Car Rental

Make your dreams a reality and experience your favorite classic car!

It gives us great pleasure to offer you a real highlight during your stay at HerzogsPark, in partnership with DRIVINGCLASSICS: rent a vintage classic for one or several days and cruise through Franconia!

Franconia offers wonderful destinations, which can be experienced in a special way with a vintage classic. For more information about this classic car offer, see

We are happy to provide a picnic lunch for your dream tour!

Scenic Trails Surrounding HerzogsPark
Hiking - Hotel HerzogsPark
The region offers many opportunities to discover nature and do some interesting sightseeing by bicycle.
Cycling - Hotel HerzogsPark
Excursion destinations
In the area around the HerzogsPark Hotel in Herzogenaurach, you will find many options for an excursion.
Excursion destinations - Hotel HerzogsPark
Our special offers for golfers
Golf - Hotel HerzogsPark