2017er Bronner - Edition HerzogsPark

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A fine wine from the organic winery Ploder-Rosenberg

On a voyage of discovery for outstanding "natural" wines, we went to Styria in Austria. An area that is known worldwide for top-class wines. In the volcanic land of the "Austrian Tuscany" he discovered the organic winery Ploder-Rosenberg. It is important for the family business to work with nature, not in it. "Understanding cycles, referring to the terroir and letting the wine become," Manuel Ploder explains. Sebastian Geyer is very impressed by this: "At the Ploder-Rosenberg winery there are no winemakers, but wine companions." With a lot of heart and soul, love and consideration for nature, quality wines are vinified and not mass-produced goods.

In the wine cellar, they tasted together directly from the barrels. That's how they came across the Bronner. The vine is very robust and is one of the fungus-resistant varieties. The plant can thrive without much application of protective agents - the basis of the "Natural" wines. The vinification is equally special: no enrichment, fining agents or filter aids are used. After the maceration period, the juice is fed directly into barrels and stores on full yeast, "the mother", as Manuel Ploder calls her, until bottling.

The Bronner brings with it a discreetly fruity floral note and flatters the palate with its light apple note. Its fine texture in the mouth testifies to a high density of complex aromas. A sensual, unforgettable pleasure. A wine that is a suitable companion for meat dishes as well as vegetarian food. Enjoy a glass of our special edition, our HerzogsPark wine here in our house or at your home. We would also be happy to send you this exclusive wine.

12 % by volume
Barrel 04
Organic Winery Ploder-Rosenberg
Styria, Austria