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Angus Manufacture Franken

Angus meat from Angusmanufaktur Franken - extraordinarily tender, juicy and aromatic in taste. The particularly species-appropriate husbandry on natural Franconian pastures under the open sky guarantees a healthy, excellent development of the animals. An excellent piece of enjoyment from the region!

Restaurant Stüberl Lieferant Angus Manufaktur Franken im Hotel HerzogsPark
Restaurant Stüberl Lieferant Il Nuraghe bei Nürnberg – Hotel HerzogsPark

Il Nuraghe

Specialities from the region, e.g. beef from Franconia, game from the Steigerwald, the Spessart and the Upper Palatinate, organic lamb from the Altmühltal. Fresh chanterelles and porcini mushrooms in season. Weekly fresh free-range poultry and poultry parts, dairy kids and rabbits, excellent quality pork from the Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall, and Hohenlohe lamb.

link gemüse

From the field directly to your plate. Link Gemüse is already the 4th generation of vegetable growers in the heart of Nuremberg's Knoblauchsland region and delights with top-quality produce fresh from the field every day.

Hotel HerzogsPark
Marco Hollbauer brings our kitchen to your home
Karriere im Restaurant Stüberl des 4-Sterne Hotels HerzogsPark bei Nürnberg
Restaurant Stüberl
Pamper your palate
Restaurant Stüberl in Herzogenaurach – Hotel HerzogsPark bei Erlangen