1000 Trees for Herzogenaurach

Planting Trees to Protect the Climate at Hotel HerzogsPark

Trees are very important for the climate in cities. They provide shade and reduce temperature spikes in the summer. Trees contribute to protecting the climate and secure biological diversity. The condition of the trees and green areas are crucial for quality of life in cities. At HerzogsPark Hotel, climate protection and sustainability are central aspects of our company philosophy, so it is only natural that we have backed up this commitment with an answer to the city of Herzogenaurach, which called for a significant tree donation for its center. With the campaign "1000 trees for Herzogenaurach", the so-called Agenda21 calls on companies, organizations, and citizens to donate to improve and maintain public spaces.

City Mayor Dr. German Hacker has praised the commitment of the hotel: „with the generous tree donation, the HerzogsPark Hotel makes a mark for more climate protection: trees bind CO₂ and remove significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Every planted tree makes a contribution to easing the effects of climate change.“

On the occasion of the mutual planting campaign, carefully prepared by gardeners belonging to the city’s gardening team together with municipal environmental specialists, Dr. Hacker and the Hotel HerzogsPark’s Managing Director, Michael Bläser, together took up shovel and spate to symbolically help with the planting campaign. For Mr. Bläser, this was more than a symbolic act: “We are thankful to be closely tied to the environment and to demonstrate our respect for the environment in our daily business. With this tree-planting campaign, the hotel supports regional efforts of the city of Herzogenaurach to take more responsibility for protecting the climate. We aim to give nature back some of its living space and support carbon-trapping policies.”

The HerzogsPark Hotel implements an active sustainability and environmental management policy in the areas of energy, waste management, and purchasing, and is a member of the "Umweltpakt Bayern" (Pact for the Environment in Bavaria) among Bavarian hotel and restaurant operators.

Hotel supports planting campaign of the city

Trees are of great importance for the inner-city climate. They provide shade and reduce the summer heat. Trees make an important contribution to climate protection and ensure the preservation of biodiversity.

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(Source: Press article Fränkischer Tag from 17.10.2020)

1000 trees: Two lime trees at the hotel

Klimaschutz in Herzogenaurach: An die 40 Exemplare im Stadtgebiet gesetzt. Schulen, Vereine, Bürger meldeten sich.

Seit mehr als drei Jahren gibt es das Programm "1000 Bäume für Herzogenaurach". Bürger können Geld spenden und einen Baum auf öffentlichem Grund pflanzen.

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(Source: Nordbayerische Nachrichten, 20.10.2020)

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