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Highlights Around Nuremberg and Erlangen

Leisure Activities and Destinations near Nuremberg und Fürth

Both in the immediate surroundings and in the wider area around HerzogsPark, you will find many and varied leisure activities and sightseeing opportunities. Fürth and Nuremberg are not far, and the landscape is truly lovely. Anyone who plans even a short stay in the region can use our hotel as a starting point for a large variety of activities. Golfers and shopping fans will be particularly pleased.  Families with kids will be happy to see that there are plenty of ways to keep the young ones busy with fun-filled, appropriate activities.

Scenic Trails Surrounding HerzogsPark
Hiking - Hotel HerzogsPark
The region offers many opportunities to discover nature and do some interesting sightseeing by bicycle.
Cycling - Hotel HerzogsPark
Our special offers for golfers
Golf - Hotel HerzogsPark
Vintage Car Rental
Make your dreams a reality and experience your favorite classic car!
Vintage Car Rental - Hotel HerzogsPark
Excursion destinations
In the area around the HerzogsPark Hotel in Herzogenaurach, you will find many options for an excursion.
Excursion destinations - Hotel HerzogsPark